14 Jul 2014

What the heck is Agile Video Marketing, you ask? Well, once upon a time the process of creating a brand’s yearly “Big Moment” marketing campaign lasted from five to eight-months – with distinct stages.  There was a planning stage during which there were rounds of internal agency and external integrated…

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12 Jul 2014

Wow, Do You Need Video Now!

Screens Are Everywhere! As you can see from the nifty infographic based on stats from Invodo, if your business doesn’t have video or visual commerce content, you’re not just missing emerging trends – your missing everybody. Because 90% of consumers watch online video!  Which is why, 93% of marketers…

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09 Jul 2014

90,000 Feet strategized, conceptualized, and executed a cross-channel branding and positioning campaign that centered on user-experiences with Bayer’s unique 24 hour customer support system. We developed a spectrum of assets – traditional commercials, digital media, and website content that inspire audiences to interact, engage, and learn about Health Care…

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08 Jul 2014

Of course, content marketing are buzzwords on everybody’s digital lips.  Heralded as the company-to-consumer communication panacea. Content marketing is how a brand reaches customers through the social media ecosystem. Until now, content marketing has mostly been social media posts, online articles, snappy quotes on images, blog blurbs and e-newsletters.  Though content marketing promotes interaction, engagement and can capture leads,…

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12 Jun 2014

Interviewing Peter Guber

We’ve been working on branding initiates for various departments at UCLA for almost 10 years.   Beginning with the Campaign of Champions campaign for the UCLA Athletic Department and recently working on several initiative for the Anderson School of Business.  For the Sports Game Day Event sponsored by MEMES, the…

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06 Jun 2014

Interviewing Scorsese

As a member of the United Hollywood Committee during the writer’s strike, I shot many directors who were both Directors Guild and Writers Guild members to communicate the need for studios and networks to fairly compensate film and TV artists. It was an amazing opportunity to direct a master…

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26 May 2014

Diamond Technology Innovations is a major player in industrial cutting technology from precision medical devices to heavy armor plating to priceless Mars Rover components. 90.000 Feet helped elevate the DTI brand through an integrated campaign to engage and motivate the world’s industries with strategic storytelling.  Many times corporate films are…

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02 May 2014

Narrative Beats Digital Goldfish.

“Humans live in a storm of stories.”  Jonathan Gottschall is the author The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human tells us… Oh yeah, these days, more like a Stage 5 hurricane of stories. Every minute, 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 36,000 tweets are posted on Twitter, and…

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13 Feb 2014

Toyota came to us with a challenge – to create content that needed to explain features but was also innovative, entertaining and fun! They wanted content that was a story. An idea. That had personality. And engaged viewers as well as informed them. The story that we created for…

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