How Does A Toyota 4Runner Sell Itself? Let it Talk!

Toyota came to us with a challenge – to create content that needed to explain features but was also innovative, entertaining and fun! They wanted content that was a story. An idea. That had personality. And engaged viewers as well as informed them.

The story that we created for the 4Runner was “Talking 4Runner”. It literally brought the car to life.  Gave it a voice and gave the car a character. The idea was that the car didn’t just spout talking points. The car has smart quips and asides that aren’t just marketing speak  were emotional triggers for off roaders.

One thing that was very important for us was not to just shoot beauty shots of the 4Runner on stage but go where off-roaders go and allow the last unibody SUV’s to do what other SUV’s can’t do – namely tackle awesome challenging hills and aggressive off-road terrain where vehicle truly does speak for itself.

These are just a few of the over 35 videos that we wrote, produced and directed for Toyota.

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