26 May 2014

Stories for Every Audience: Clients, Customers, Investors – And Now Martians!

Diamond Technology Innovations is a major player in industrial cutting technology from precision medical devices to heavy armor plating to priceless Mars Rover components.

90.000 Feet helped elevate the DTI brand through an integrated campaign to engage and motivate the world’s industries with strategic storytelling.  Many times corporate films are is an overly intellectualized and remove the human elements.  They are an exercise in a corporate-speak – a collection of buzzwords, hyperbole and generic images that do little to differentiate a brand.  Or foster a sense of personal trust or understanding of a a brand can improve a customer’s life.  Too may times it’s a brand talking to itself…looking from the outside in.  Instead of from the inside out.  In other words, how the world experience your brand.  We call that the 90,000 feet perspective.

With DTI,we built a narrative around the brand by clarifying how DTI plays a role in people’s lives and why its innovations distinguish it from the competition. That’s how a brand’s story comes to life.  How an audience can experience – and feel – a brand story.  We ended the film with what drives DTI ideologically – why and how they are a purpose driven company.

Ultimately, the DTI film reaches higher and further emotionally because it has relevance.  And emotional triggers that reach people at every level.

90.000 Feet was proud to helped elevate the DTI brand through an integrated campaign to engage and motivate the world’s industries.  As with every client effort, collaboration was the key.  We had a close working relationship with DTI and between our internal teams, we created work that was laser focused on DTI’s goals across all platforms.  We followed up by helping launch a new product, tetraCORE™ – that was the the most significant innovation the industrial cutting industry in 30 years.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell. – Seth Godin.

Video The DTI Of Everything


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