03 Aug 2014

Why Jump From the Edge of Space?

90,000 Feet is the highest attainable altitude in the Earth’s atmosphere – just before space. At this high level, you perceive the whole world. A daredevil stares out from a tiny capsule lifted by a helium balloon and looks below at the vertiginous sight that only astronauts have observed. He…

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14 Jul 2014

What the heck is Agile Video Marketing, you ask? Well, once upon a time the process of creating a brand’s yearly “Big Moment” marketing campaign lasted from five to eight-months – with distinct stages.  There was a planning stage during which there were rounds of internal agency and external integrated…

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11 Jun 2014

At 90,000 Feet, we’ve done a lot of fundraising for entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, non-profits and other enterprises.  We always start with storytelling – and we make it as personal as possible.  We ask questions. The most important questions for any entrepreneur or start-up are not just “what you do” or…

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26 Feb 2014

Know-It-All Kid Hypes Highlander

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