12 Mar 2014

Instant Filmmaker: Secrets, Tips, Tools, Truths, and Ah-ha’s.

Hooray!  Chris’ new book “Instant Filmmaker” is now available!  It is published by Michael Wiese Books, the premiere publisher of ‘how-to’ books on screenwriting and filmmaking.

“Instant Filmmaker” is a power-packed toolbox for both filmmaker rookies and veterans of ultra-crucial “how-to’s” and shortcuts-to-success that blows the lid off uncertainty, weed-whacks through confusion, jacks-up inspiration, and encouragingly smacks you in the brain and butt.

Chris safely guides you through today’s swamp-like indie film terrain. His wise, practical and actionable advice, savvy tips, powerful tools and fun-loving humor make it a joy to read and give inspiration to all our filmmaking dreams.  Whether you are starting out on your first film or a longtime producer, there’s something for filmmakers of every ilk in this book. Instant Filmmaker gives you a clear path to making filmmaking a smarter, more profitable and more rewarding experience. Check it out.

It’s available at Amazon.com and Michael Wiese Books – Filmmaking|Screenwriting Books www.mwp.com

Chris Nolan has written a charming, fun, information-packed, encouraging book about what everyone seems to want to do – become an independent filmmaker. He makes it possible, perhaps even probable, and leads the reader step by step through the otherwise mysterious process. For anyone doing independent films, or even thinking about it, this is a book to read, re-read, mark, check, re-check, and always keep handy by your side.”
— Dr. Linda Seger, author of Making A Good Script Great and Advanced Screenwriting

“Pay attention. Follow the instructions. Read this book and do as you are told. Instant Filmmaker is the perfect manual to getting started making movies. Chris Nolan has unlocked the secrets and tapped into a new generation where technology and creativity collide to help make a filmmaker’s dream come true. If you are crazy enough to put in the time to make a movie then you are crazy enough to read this book. It gives you direct, knowledgeable, and witty advice that can actually help you make a movie. Now you can stop talking about it and make it happen.”
— Matthew Rhodes, Producer, President of Mandalay Vision
“They’re the ones whose names are on the Best Picture statue, but it’s never been easy to define the role of the producer – even less when functioning on an independent level. Instant Filmmaker gets to the heart of that definition and then provides clear-cut guidance, insight, and tools that anyone with a love of film and a dream project would need to make it a reality.”
— Drea Clark, Executive Director, Slamdance Film Festival

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