Look Up Now – AI and the Future of Humanity


Look Up Now is a documentary featuring Futurist Gerd Leonhard as host, guide and narrator, on the future of artificial intelligence and humanity. In this film, we explore embrace Artificial Intelligence and how we can harness its positive potentials while at the same time urgently considering and address its negative side-effects and unintended externalities. How we can use AI as a powerful tool but not let it become a purpose on its own. How can AI can be used to help us to bring about what we call The Good Future” #thegoodfuture, not to replace humans, or to whittle away what makes us human, or to enable a synthetic, machine-led society — but to better mankind. It is the first episode of a longer series on AI and the future of humanity. More details are available at www.lookupnow.tv .


Directed and co written by Chris Sean Nolan Starring Gerd Leonhard